Overview of NeuroExplorer

What is NeuroExplorer?

NeuroExplorer® is a data analysis program. It lets you analyze continuously recorded signals as well as sequencies of timestamps (spike trains, behavioral events) and short signal fragments (spike waveforms).

NeuroExplorer is a de facto standard in neurophysiological data analysis. NeuroExplorer is used in hundreds of laboratories around the world and is cited in more than 2500 scientific publications

Why do I want NeuroExplorer?

  • Easily import data
    • NeuroExplorer can read native data files created by many popular data acquisition systems. More than 50 data file types can be imported.
    • See Data Import for details
  • Use more than 45 analysis types to explore data
    • Auto- and cross-correlograms, rasters, burst analysis, place cell analysis, analyses of oscillations and many more analyses of spike trains
    • Numerous analyses of continuous signals – correlations, spectral analyses, digital filtering, spike detection and others
    • Spike sorting and trough and peak analysis of waveforms
    • See Analyses page for the full list of analyses implemented in NeuroExplorer
  • Generate fully editable publication-quality figures (see Screenshots)
  • Calculate statistical properties of data such as
    • Confidence limits for histogram and spectra
    • Histogram peak locations and z-scores
  • Automate repetitive tasks and add custom analyses using Python scripting

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