Version 5

How to Upgrade to Version 5

Request an upgrade price quote at In the email, please indicate what version of NeuroExplorer you currently have.

What’s New in Version 5

Version 5 is a truly significant expansion of functionality over the previous version. Here is what you get in NeuroExplorer version 5 (compared to version 4):

Analysis Improvements
  • More than 15 new analyses
  • Multi-taper spectral analyses calculations
  • Custom post-processing of results using Python scripts
  • Numerical results for all analyses including Perievent raster analysis
  • Export graphics as fully editable PNG files
  • Statistical tests (t-tests, ANOVA, Wilcoxon test and others) are available via integration with freely available R-project
Data Import Improvements
  • 64-bit timestamps and floating values for continuous channels
  • Up to 16 TB data file size
  • Direct import of Intan, Ripple, Tucker-Davis, 3Brain and MED64 data files
  • Import of new file formats created by Plexon, Multichannel Systems, CED Spike-2, and Alpha Omega data acquisition systems
  • Import of Open Ephys and European Data Format files
  • Import of HDF-5 data files (KlustaSuite and g.Recorder)
  • See Data Import for a complete list of supported file types
New Feature: Save and Restore Results
  • All numerical and graphical results are saved in a series of linked files
  • Results files can be opened without recalculation
  • A user can recalculate analysis results with a single mouse click
Python Scripting
  • Scripts can use thousands of Python functions
  • Access to NeuroExplorer data via Python lists eliminate many loops
  • User-defined functions replace repetitive code
Performance Improvements
  • Computationally demanding analyses are run in parallel using all CPU cores
  • 64-bit executable can utilize all available RAM