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  • Python Packages

    October 09, 2023 in News

    Python became a valuable tool that could be used to automate tasks in NeuroExplorer and to extend NeuroExplorer capabilities. Nex Technologies now provides two Python packages that are available in the official Python package repository …

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  • New Documentation

    July 10, 2021 in News

    The new online documentation for NeuroExplorer is available. The new documentation is task-oriented and contains new tutorials and how-to guides. The new documentation mirrors the content of NeuroExplorer help file. Here are some of the benefits of …

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  • Saving EDF Files

    January 16, 2021 in News

    Several NeuroExplorer users asked us if it is possible to save continuous data in an EDF file. This feature is implemented in NeuroExplorer version 5.303 released on December 19, 2020. Use File | Save Continuous Variables in EDF File… menu …

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  • New Web Site

    September 11, 2020 in News

    Our old website was designed in 2014 using WordPress. However, over time the website became quite difficult to maintain: Occasionally, the website pages were very slow to load WordPress required constant upgrading to prevent being hacked Adapting …

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  • Nex5 File Format

    July 03, 2015 in News

    NeuroExplorer Version 5.016 (released on July 3, 2015) supports new .nex5 data file format that is more flexible than .nex file format. The new new .nex5 file format overcomes the following limitations of .nex file format: Maximum File Size .nex …

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