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  • Calculating the Average of Continuous Channels

    November 06, 2017 in Tips

    One of the frequently asked questions is how to calculate the average of multiple continuous channels in NeuroExplorer. Prior to NeuroExplorer version 5.104, we had to use a rather cumbersome function LinearCombinationOfContVars. For example, to …

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  • Matlab 2017 and Later and NeuroExplorer Version 4

    November 02, 2017 in Tips

    Version 4 Problem Several NeuroExplorer version 4 users reported that they were unable to get data from Matlab when using Matlab 2017a and later. The following error messages are displayed by NeuroExplorer: "Matlab variable n_1 does not exist or …

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  • Showing Analog Signals in Spectrograms

    January 04, 2016 in Tips

    NeuroExplorer 5.023 (released on December 16, 2015) adds a new option in Spectrogram Analysis – ability to draw analog signal above each spectrogram. The signal is drawn for the time values specified in the spectrogram X axis. It is …

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  • How to Customize Analyses Panel

    November 19, 2014 in Tips

    There are two ways to select an analysis in NeuroExplorer – you can click at the analysis you want to run in the Analyses Panel: or select an analysis via Analysis | Select Analysis Type menu command. The fastest way is to use Analyses Panel. …

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